Book Reviews

“No other book presents the material in such a well-organized, fun and readily accessible way. This book is funny, surprising and informative.” —Johnnie Terry, Professor of Philosophy, Sierra College

“This is a very entertaining book. It’s not a religious book, and it’s not a bible. It’s just fun to read. Not only does Mr. Morris highlight the surprising Bible passages you have never heard; he adds hilarious commentary. I find it quite enlightening to read what is actually in the Bible that I have never heard. Also, it’s an easy read – you really can read one page at a time if you wanted and be very entertained. You should read it.” —Bob Patterson, COO Center for Inquiry–Los Angeles

“Great fun, great value…the perfect coffee table book. I see this being a family favorite for many years to come.” —Sean McMillin, reviewer

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s a great conversation starter and good for laughs with friends. The writing (and illustrations) are clever, funny, well-researched, and informative. Check it out!” —Mark Bauer, reviewer


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