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“No other book presents the material in such a well-organized, fun and readily accessible way. This book is funny, surprising and informative.” Johnnie Terry, Professor of Philosophy, Sierra College

Unholy, uncensored, and hilarious, Bible Funmentionables: A Lighthearted Look at the Wildest Verses You’ve NEVER Been Told! reveals the eye-popping Bible quotes that your parents, teachers, and preachers don’t want you to see. With countless old-masters’ illustrations, funny and insightful commentary, and enlightening quizzes, this is quite possibly the least boring Bible book ever created! The bawdy, the bloody, the bizarre, the controversial, the confounding, and the comic are all here, and they’ve never been more entertaining! Whether you want to gain a more complete understanding of the Bible, engage in intriguing discussions of the scriptures, or maybe just give your Bible study group a good laugh, this guide boldly goes where no minister, rabbi, or charismatic cult leader has gone before. Finally a Bible spin-off that’s even funnier than the original! See the verses that preachers have kept to themselves all these years, as you discover the greatest stories NEVER told.


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